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Conference Theme & Audience

The theme of the 2015 Identity Conference was Enabling Digital Identity and Privacy in a Connected World.

While New Zealand is considered as a world leader in the area of digital identity and privacy, we continue to learn from international experience and debate. We cannot act alone. Solutions for many of the problems in the digital identity field depend on international agreement, standardisation and co-operation.

The conference’s discussion topics included:

  • How can we reap the benefits whilst minimising the risks of ‘datafication’ and data-driven innovation in the public, private and community sectors?
  • Have our concepts of identity and privacy changed in the era of ‘big data’?
  • How can we best protect fundamental values, such as privacy and safety, in an increasingly digitised and connected world? What are good practices of privacy- and security-by-design? 
  • How to achieve user-centric forms of managing identity within and across multiple digitally-enabled relationships, and what are the implications for service providers? 
  • How can service providers build and develop privacy-friendly, secure, trusted, transparent and inclusive digital relationships with their customers?
  • How can we protect our identity information against current and future cyber security threats in a resilient way?

Who attended

  • Senior leaders from the public sector, private sector and NGOs
  • business (transformation) managers
  • academic staff members and students
  • chief information officers
  • customer service managers
  • policy managers and analysts
  • IT industry
  • privacy experts
  • information security experts
  • legal experts
  • digital engagement professionals
  • data service providers
  • digital service designers
  • digital strategists
  • financial industry
  • anyone interested in broadening their knowledge and understanding of thought leadership, practical experience, opportunities and challenges around using digital identity and privacy as enablers in an increasingly connected world

Why you should have attended

  • This was an international event, focusing on sharing thought leadership and practical experience around using digital identity and privacy in a connected world.
  • You would have been stimulated by debate and discussion by facilitating greater awareness of state-of-the art digital identity-related topics
  • People from government, business, community service providers and academia came together to share knowledge and experience in order to widen perspectives
  • You would have got involved in the debate on digital identity and privacy as enablers, and what it means for New Zealand


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